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May 1, 2007

Books, Reviews and Authors

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Writing a book has always been a gateway to becoming famous. Its easy compared to many other ways and if your books really hit off with the public, then you are really famous. If nothing is working, then create a controversy or something of that sort. It brings in more publicity and attention, sells more books, and your bank balance becomes bigger. If you can’t create a controversy, let someone else do it. This doesn’t happen often in the world of writing technical books, but current speak of blogosphere is the feud between a well known author, Charles Petzold and not so well known, Adam Nathan about their books on WPF.

To cut the story short, it all began with a review of those two books by Jeff Atwood on his popular blog “Coding Horror”. Jeff was of the view Adam’s book is much better read because of the way it has been presented, with colors, bullet points etc. while Charles’ book is boring to read. Many comments poured in as well about the content, number of pages etc. This included many heavy weights such as Don Box. Charles hit back stating Adam’s is power point like. Adam took a humorous side to it and posted his take on it in his blog.

Anyway, I hope this whole episode will help in improving on how technical books are presented in future. I’m sure many publishers would have taken note of this duel.

Personally, I haven’t read book the books. So can’t comment on it. But from the blog comments that I have been posted, it looks like Jeff’s right and Adam’s book wins hands down.


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